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At Bradshaws, as well as representing the top international brands in the business, we also feel it is important to showcase a variety of artisanal crafts and unique items from Canada’s many talented craftspeople. From food products to handcrafted wood pieces to linens, we have selected a range of products that represent the breadth of Canadian talent. Our selection of Dillon’s Bitters, Moss Berry Farm Jams, Raingoose linen tea towels and the Sprung One Steel repurposed railway spike cheese knives all make great gifts. Handcrafted wood serving boards from Once Upon a Tree have been one of our most popular gifts at Bradshaws. Our hand-poured maple candle in an authentic maple syrup tin is also one of our best-selling items- it smells delicious and has a crackling wooden wick that is reminiscent of a relaxing night by the campfire. And for an ultra-Canadian memento that will make anyone smile, a bottle of our Turkey Hill maple syrup.