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The Best Litterless Lunchbox Items!

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It's that time of the year! One of our goals at Bradshaws is to make your life easier and this is why we’ve launched our Litterless Lunch Box Shop online! Get everything you need for packing healthy lunches for school or work at Bradshaws - your one stop shop for great design, quality and durability. To get you started, here are our favourite Litterless Lunchbox items...

We LOVE Sistema containers. Designed and made in New Zealand, they come in a variety of practical shapes and sizes, are BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe, and stackable. The leak-proof and innovative locking Klip-it tabs make them perfect for kids, little hands have no problem opening and closing these lids.
$5.95 - $14.95

Joli Bento Boxes from Japan are cute, compact and convenient individual lunch boxes. They are airtight, light weight and make packing lunches fun and easy! We love the Matryoshka version for kids, because it includes a mini gel ice pack that fits between the two sections to keep food chilled and is just the right size for smaller portions! Made in Japan. $29.95 - $49.95

Say good bye to plastic baggies! We have a variety of these handy, re-usable snack bags here at Bradshaws but we are loving these cute printed canvas ones and we bet your kids will too ($14.95). They are re-usable, easy to clean and take up very little storage space. Read our friend and nutritionist Sara Bradford's post for healthy snack ideas and a great recipe for homemade bits and bites here!

Tired of being embarrassed by your juvenile or shopping bag lunch sack at work? Iris Barcelona has the solution – discreet, sleek and extremely functional lunch bags for grown-ups. The chic Dome lunch bag has a rigid insulated wall and comes with three microwavable, dishwasher and freezer safe containers that fit perfectly inside with room to spare for a beverage, snack and cutlery. You will probably get a promotion if you show up at the office with one of these, Cadillac of lunch bags! $110

This portable cutlery set from Sistema is great for adults and kids. It is light, compact, dishwasher safe and comes in a convenient carrying case. Simply snap on the handles and you have a knife, fork, spoon or chopsticks. Also great for camping, picnics or keeping in your car! $7.95 

If you are worried about your kids not drinking enough water while they are at school or you don't drink enough YOURSELF than try the Citrus Zinger! Flavour your water with lemon, lime, clementine and sweeten with honey or agave for a healthy and delicious alternative to fruit juices. The Citrus Zinger, Aqua Zinger and Kid Zinger come in a variety of cool colours. Find more refreshing recipe ideas from Zing Anything here! $19.95 - $24.95            


If you like taking soup or other hot meals for lunch this Vacuum Food Jar by Canadian brand Trudeau is ideal. Double-walled, stainless steel and durable, it will keep food hot or cold for up to 6 hours! Great for cold foods like salads, yogurt and milk too!

Keep it simple! If you find yourself packing sandwiches most often, pick up a sandwich box like this one from Trudeau. More eco friendly than plastic bags and your kids won't complain that their sandwich got squished by an apple. The one piece construction means you won't be searching for the right lid in the morning. It's dishwasher safe too.


Pack an entire lunch in one container with this Bento Box Lunch Container from Trudeau. Stop spending your mornings searching for the perfect containers and matching lids. Two containers with four sections fit an entrée, snack, and dessert. For more tips on using the Bento Box and packing healthy lunches for your kids, read our blog written by Sara Bradford from Nourish Real Food here!

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