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Love is in the air... Celeste & Darryl's Story

Written by Celeste Rolleman

"We met at the YMCA gym in Stratford. We were just two people who happened to work out at the gym during the same time. After a couple months of passing each other at the gym we began dating.

As two people who enjoy walking, our first dates would always begin with taking a walk downtown Stratford and around the Avon River. We would often walk by Bradshaws and stop at the window to look at all of the unique kitchen things they had on display. Several years later we would walk past and as we passed the window we would stop to look, and dream of what we would like to have in our kitchen once we were married.   
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Love is in the air... Chloe, Meghan & Darla's Story

Written by Chloe and Meghan Miller

We are exploring the topic of love and you have recently welcomed baby Darla into your lives.
How has this changed your view on love? Can you even describe this new-found love in words?   
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Love is in the air... Kathy & Doug's Story

Written by Kathy Baker

"I love Doug because he is always so calm, he's been my anchor all these years.
He lets me be me and he values the same things I do, love, family and our faith.   
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Love is in the air... Janet & Steve's Story

Written by Janet Graham Carfagnini 

"Steve and I love shopping at Bradshaws because everyone is friendly and always ready to give advice or help.
We feel that we are not just 'customers' but that we are part of a family.   
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Kate Spade New York
Everyone loves a pink cocktail, especially when stylishly served in Yours & Mine highballs from Kate Spade! We're thinking Pink Lemonade Margaritas, rimmed with pink himalayan sea salt, a classic pink lady cocktail from the 40's or a white sangria on the rocks with raspberries. Whatever you shake up, it will taste extra special in these Kate Spade glasses!  
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