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We've got the perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas for you here!

Are you looking for something special this Mother's Day? We've rounded up our best selling items at Bradshaws so you don't have to guess what to get Mom this Mother's Day. Unique, beautiful, quality gifts that are useful and that Mom will appreciate!  
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Find the perfect PANDORA charm for Mother's Day at Bradshaws in Stratford, Ontario

Written by our PANDORA Specialist Sarah Rigler

PANDORA Jewelry always makes a perfect gift idea for Mother's Day. We are proud to have a PANDORA Shop-in-Shop at Bradshaws in Stratford, and incredible, friendly, knowledgable PANDORA Specialists who will help guide you towards a very special and meaningful gift for your special Mother... Read below to see some of our most popular PANDORA Mother's Day gift ideas!  
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Caring for your PANDORA Jewelry

When you first receive the gift of PANDORA sterling silver jewelry, it will be bright, shiny and beautiful, but inevitably, as it’s worn and enjoyed it will eventually begin to tarnish - as is to be expected of all genuine silver jewelry. The surface might turn slightly yellow, and if not cleaned, will gradually shift from yellow to black. This discoloration is the result of oxidization and is caused primarily by two things: contact with sulfur compounds, and moisture.  
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Love is in the air... Kathy & Doug's Story

Written by Kathy Baker

"I love Doug because he is always so calm, he's been my anchor all these years.
He lets me be me and he values the same things I do, love, family and our faith.   
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Love is in the air... Janet & Steve's Story

Written by Janet Graham Carfagnini 

"Steve and I love shopping at Bradshaws because everyone is friendly and always ready to give advice or help.
We feel that we are not just 'customers' but that we are part of a family.   
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Kate Spade New York
Everyone loves a pink cocktail, especially when stylishly served in Yours & Mine highballs from Kate Spade! We're thinking Pink Lemonade Margaritas, rimmed with pink himalayan sea salt, a classic pink lady cocktail from the 40's or a white sangria on the rocks with raspberries. Whatever you shake up, it will taste extra special in these Kate Spade glasses!  
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