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Get Healthy in 2016 by using Bradshaws favourite kitchen tools!

Each new year, after the indulgent holiday season, we feel the need to want to get back on track and put an end to our bad eating habits. If you have ever wondered what a pressure cooker is, how to create zucchini noodles or vowed to take your lunch to work everyday from now until eternity, then this post is for you. We'll explore some of our favourite kitchen gadgets and tools available at Bradshaws so you can prepare healthy foods at home that will ignite your desire to take better care of yourself this year!

I am REALLY lucky to have a great friend who happens to host a Community Dump several times a year. Meet Sara Bradford of Nourish Real Food... While everyone else is chasing a fad by "Cleansing", Sara and her online community are DUMPING! Dumping bad habits, bad food choices, negative emotions, toxins etc. - BUT not in an unhealthy way . Sara's Dumps are full of REAL FOOD - healthy, fresh, seasonal and delicious food, and that is the way I choose start each new year.   
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Shop Litterless Lunchbox Items here

It's that time of the year! One of our goals at Bradshaws is to make your life easier and this is why we’ve launched our Litterless Lunch Box Shop online! Get everything you need for packing healthy lunches for school or work at Bradshaws - your one stop shop for great design, quality and durability. To get you started, here are our favourite Litterless Lunchbox items...  
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New Products from Design Driven Brands!

At Bradshaws, we really appreciate great design. We're currently in love with these new products from design driven brands, Design Letters, Torre & Tagus and Joli Bento!   
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Think INSIDE the lunchbox!

Have you met Sara yet? She is a great friend of ours who is a Holistic Nutritionist, Blogger, Mom and total health nut. She's here to sort out your Lunchbox stresses to make Back to School a little healthier and FUN! 
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