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A Tour of Rheo Thompson Candies in Stratford!

Get a 'behind the scenes' look at what goes into making your favourite sweets from Rheo Thompson Candies!

We were pretty excited to be invited to tour the facilities at Stratfords' BELOVED Candy Maker - Rheo Thompson Candies. Take a peek 'behind the scenes' and discover just how much love goes into making the sweets you will find at this fantastic candy maker!

A huge THANK YOU to Kristene Steed and Marc Johnstone for inviting the Bradshaws team to come over for a visit to see just what goes into preparing chocolates, candies, nutty popcorn and all the other delightful treats that you enjoy when you visit Rheo Thompson Candies in Stratford, Ontario...

I love industrial machinery... It's true. A strange fascination that I have. Here are some enormous copper bowls that melt the luxurious caramel and candy before its manipulated by the master candy makers...

This might be hard for you to envision, but this is a 2000 lb box of chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you heard me - TWO THOUSAND POUNDS! Apparently, as the facility gears up for their Christmas production, they go through three of four of these a week!

This fine lady is referred to as Christine the Smoothie Queen for good reason. She is the primary person who runs the smoothie production which accounts for 80% of chocolate sales at Rheo Thompson. Let's just say Christine is a VERY important person. Be extra nice to her :) (and on the right is Kathy, our Customer Service Specialist at Bradshaws - be extra nice to her too!!!)

We were also treated to a Black Swan Porter and Dark Chocolate Nougat tasting to see just how nicely beer pairs with chocolate! If you have never visited Stratford's Black Swan Brewing Co., make sure you pop in to pick up a growler of their delicious craft brews that are made right here in Stratford, Ontario!
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One thing we really took away from our visit to Rheo Thompson Candies is just how much human love and care goes into hand-making all of the treats we seem to pop into our mouths without thinking about. Their team are knowledgable, dedicated and highly efficient perfectionists, and super-skilled at creating the ultimate sweets for you to enjoy. They put their heart and soul into making Rheo Thompson Candies the very best Canadian-made chocolates and candies, so make sure you visit their beautiful store next time you are in downtown Stratford!

Be sure to follow @rheothompson on Twitter, on Facebook and@rheothompsoncandies on Instagram! These people are very well connected on social!!! And you can order all of these incredible sweets in their fantastic online shop at www.rheothompson.com