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PANDORA'S Spring Collection has Sprung!

PANDORA's new Spring Collection of more than a hundred stunning pieces of jewellery is a celebration of nature, of all the creatures beneath the sun, the beauty of rainbows, flowers, treasured moments in our lives and some playful, innovative new designs to kick off Spring!

Dragonflies represent new beginnings, transformation as well as adaptability. They suggest joy and lightness of being. This delicate filigree and dragonfly ring looks so pretty as it drapes itself around your finger.
PANDORA Dreamy Dragonfly ring $80

The attributes of dragonflies illustrate exactly what can be seen in the very dramatic and awesome change in Pandora's design direction this year.

This cheerful and sweet rainbow dangle charm is a pretty symbol of new life and optimism.
PANDORA Rainbow of Love $50

The air filled with birdsong is a sign that Spring has truly arrived! There are “Spring Bird” earrings, a pretty bird on a branch, a ring and a necklace as well as this tiny bird perched on its birdhouse.
PANDORA Spring Bird Collection starts at $50

And new gorgeous pieces have been added to the PANDORA Rose line. How could anyone resist this precious and delightful wee “Cute Bunny”? $60.

PANDORA's  Spring Collection has some sophisticated tassel statement pieces as well... These beautiful tassels move and swish silently and are beautifully constructed. Each piece is made of multiple metal strands of beaded chains which suggest tiny dew drops on spider webs at the dawn of day.

PANDORA's Enchanted Tassel ($90) is a staff favourite at Bradshaws. Rabbits, birds and tiny snails are now in the garden. Flowers will soon be adorning our gardens and woodlands. As we wait for the full blooming of Spring, visit our PANDORA Shop-in-Shop at Bradshaws and let us share all the charm, fun and beauty to be found in this wonderful new Spring Collection.

Keep thinking happy Spring thoughts, and we promise, Spring WILL eventually arrive! Pop by Bradshaws and visit our PANDORA Shop-in-Shop to see this exciting new collection!