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Savour Stratford 2014

It's been a few weeks since Savour Stratford Culinary Festival wrapped up…  Lucky for us, we have a great friend in Toronto who also happens to be a photographer… Kristin Sjaarda came to town and sipped and savoured right along with us! Here are some of her great shots of this event, and we hope you'll mark next years' date in your calendar so you can join in the fun!  
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Our Favourite Canadian Gourmet Food Items
We've got some incredible Canadian Gourmet Foods at Bradshaws in our Kitchen Detail Department... Here are some fantastic brands for you to explore when you're mixing cocktails, serving appetizers, barbecuing and giving unique and purposeful Canadian gifts!  
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Don't be dry and dull... Care for your wood utensils and blocks at home!

You don't know how many times have I been to peoples houses and noticed how DRY and PARCHED their cutting boards or wood utensils are! For a person who owns a kitchen shop, it just makes me CRAZY because it is SO easy to keep you wood moisturized and happy. Today I am inspired to share some quick and easy info that will help rejuvenate all of your wood at home in less than 10 minutes!  
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Meet the Artisan: Trevor Ewert from Once Upon a Tree
Come with us as we visit Trevor Ewert, of Once Upon A Tree, at his workshop near Wellesley, Ontario!  
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One of our favourite lines in the store is Emile Henry fine pottery from France. Why do we love it so much? Emile Henry is a family-owned businesss of 6 generations (similar to Bradshaws!) Emile Henry pieces are artisanally hand crafted in Marcigny, Southern Burgundy, France since 1850 by people who care and have years of experience.   
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Well, we made it back to Stratford after 5 days of shopping our way through 1.2 million square feet of booth space at the CGTA Gift Show in Toronto! We looked high and low, and this year was very encouraging. We found lots of new and unique suppliers, with amazing new items to add to our selection at Bradshaws and Small-Mart. So, have a look at some of these fun items that are coming your way, and please e-mail us if you want us to call or e-mail you directly to let you know when something you like has arrived!   
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Our January Sale is STILL ON until the very end of the month!
We have amazing deals on kitchen, dinnerware, housewares and gifts from 30% - 75% Off.
Don't miss these savings...

By the way - thank YOU for donating to the Stratford Splash Pad on the first 3 days of our sale. We matched your donations and donated $2020 for the Stratford "Cash for Splash" Fundraiser. These much needed funds will go towards building a splash pad for the children and parents of Stratford to be able to enjoy in the summertime! This is a very special initiative that we care a lot about...  Please donate here, OR, create your own fundraiser to help in this grass roots effort!   
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January just wouldn't be the same in Stratford without our annual Bradshaws January Sale! This is the time when we put many of the brands you have come to know and love - and TRUST, on major sale! The lineup in the picture about basically says it all. People book off work, drive in from other cities, bring along their family and friends and make a day of it by shopping at our store and at our neighbours, and having lunch at one of the many incredible local restaurants.   
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