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Our Favourite LONG WEEKEND Items!

Bradshaws Long Weekend Essentials

The LONG WEEKEND is finally here, and we want to share our favourite things at Bradshaws that will make your long weekend more enjoyable!

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Fever-Tree ginger beer, tonic waters, club soda and more...

If having a perfectly mixed cocktail is your thing, then you MUST try Fever-Tree if you haven't already! Fever-Tree says it best... 3/4 of your drink is MIXER... Make sure you use the BEST! We just received a new shipment of Fever-Tree Premium sodas, complete with all of our favourites like Ginger Beer (to make Dark and Stormy) Tonic Water (for the absolute finest G&T's) and Club Soda (for your Moscow Mule). All of these are preservative free and made with excellent natural ingredients. They also make great sipping drinks for those who don't consume alcohol!

Dillon's Bitters - Made in Canada

Since we're on the topic of cocktails - pick up Dillon's Bitterswhile you're at Bradshaws. These will take your cocktail making to the next level! Made in small batches in Beamsville, Ontario, this Canadian company is definitely one of our favourites. Simply add a few generous dashes of Dillon'sto either cocktails or SodaStreamSparkling Water or use bitters in your baking, sauces, marinades and even when you make ice cream!

Read about Dillon's in our past blog post about our favourite Canadian Gourmet itemsat Bradshaws here!

Final Touch Watermelon Keg Kit

Whether you're hanging out over the long weekend, or throwing a party, this is a fun way to serve up a refreshing drink! Simply hollow out a large fruit like a watermelon or pumpkin and follow the easy instructions to instal the keg tap. Fill with a delicious and refreshing liquid, and voila! Your guests will be amazed! 

Zoku Quick Pops

If you love to cool off with a good popsicle, but hate all the artificial sweeteners in store-bought brands, this item is for you. Store your ZOKU Quick Pop Maker in your freezer overnight, then make popsicles on demand using virtually any juice, yogurt and even cocktails! Your popsicles will be ready in 7-9 minutes after you pour them into the Zoku Quick Pop Maker! So easy, and (ahem) QUICK! Also great for little teething kidlets and those who must watch their sugar intake due to health concerns. Find them in our store or on our online shop here.

Canadian Maple Products

Not sure about you, but I am all about making pancakes and bacon on my long weekends. We're pleased to have a great selection of Turkey Hill award-winning Canadian Maple Syrup, maple candies, and even maple tea! And our maple candles are probably our #1 seller on our online shop!
Shop other Canadian-made gifts here.

Rufus Teague BBQ Sauces and Rubs

When I go to peoples cottages, I bring this... Rufus Teague BBQ sauces and rubs are a flavour explosion! Last year I bought my uncle a gallon of this stuff because he loved it so much. Trust us... you want to try this. Find Rufus Teague BBQ sauces and rubs on our online shop here...

Walter Caesar and Tillen Farms pickled green beans

Ok, back to the cocktails... Do you know WALTER? This premium, all natural, Canadian Made Caesar mix is the ONLY way to make Canada's favourite cocktail, The Bloody Caesar! Made of vine ripened tomatoes, freshly grated horseradish, clam juice from the North Atlantic and spices, Walter Caesar is free of preservatives and strange additives and you will really taste the difference! I find one bottle makes about 5 good sized Caesars. And while you're at it, add a few dashes of Dillon's Angelica Bitters and some Tillen Farms pickled beans to really wow your friends!

Just a reminder... Our Long Weekend Hours are as follows:

FRIDAY JULY 31st 9:30am - 8pm
SATURDAY AUGUST 1st 9:30am - 6pm
SUNDAY AUGUST 2nd 11am - 5pm
MONDAY AUGUST 3rd 11am - 5pm (*these hours are special for Monday only)

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