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Meet the Women behind Bradshaws!

We were very honoured to be featured in the recent Women's Issue of eatdrink Magazine as one of six of Stratford’s Culinary Influencers and leaders in Female Entrepreneurship!

Carrie Wreford, Co-Owner Bradshaws

Carrie Wreford, Bradshaws Co-owner, shared this special accolade alongside some incredibly hard-working, motivated friends and colleagues such as:

Chef Yva Santini Pazzo Taverna
Candice Wigan Co-Owner Revival House  
Jessie Votary Co-Owner/Co-Founder, The Red Rabbit & Okazu
Kristen Steed Co-Owner, Rhéo Thompson Candies
Jacqueline Barr Co-Owner, Chocolate Barr’s Candies

Prior to Carrie and her husband Jeremy taking the helm at Bradshaws over 12 years ago, Carrie was a Graphic Designer for Roots Canada. Now at Bradshaws she enjoys a varied role, with a focus on product buying, sourcing amazing new and unique brands to bring to Bradshaws as well as marketing, social media, community outreach and events.

Carrie is passionate about her work and collaborating with other amazing women in business in the local area, stating "The women of Stratford are incredible. I've made so many incredible partnerships and friendships and have learned learned so much from everyone else."

Meet some of our incredible staff at Bradshaws... Out of 20 employees, 17 are female. We asked our staff to describe what it's like to work at Bradshaws alongside so many talented women.

Bradshaws Team
Bradshaws Team