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Get Your Litterless Lunchbox Game Back in Action!

One of the perks of summer is taking a (much needed) break from packing school lunches… and while we’re not suggesting that summer is almost over -  there's lots of time left to run on the beach, sit by the pool, hang on the dock -  September IS right around the corner, whether we want it to be or not… At Bradshaws, we're always trying to figure out ways to help you UP your lunchbox game... Here are some great ideas to get you excited about the inevitable! 

Finding the right containers can be a GAME CHANGER and can make life and the lunch making routine that much EASIER. High quality containers with separated compartments (for those little darlings who cannot have their cheese touch their grapes... ever), tight, spill proof lids (because we’ve all opened our lunch bag to find the salad dressing has leaked…all over EVERYTHING) and streamlined designs actually make things fit better inside a lunch bag (what a concept!)

Trudeau Fuel Stay Cool Snack Containers - $10.95 each

Struggling to send yogurt in lunches and keep it litterless? These Trudeau Fuel Stay Cool Snack Container ($10.95) are perfect for yogurt, chia pudding, overnight oats, fruit salad - and bonus it's cheaper than buying hundreds of little pre-packaged yogurts, applesauces, etc. Use tiny cookie cutters to cut fruit into small shapes and pop them inside for an unexpected (yet healthy) surprise each time. 

To keep lunches completely litterless, skip the zip lock bags and use these CUTE reusable Now Designs Snack bags (set/2 $14.95) instead. Perfect for sandwiches, crackers, fruit or cookies -  simply wipe and reuse. We're loving this sweet cat pattern as well! 

We hope this has given you a bit of motivation to think about fun ways to pack your littles their litterless lunches... Better yet, let's teach them how to make their OWN lunches this year :) Plus, these items are handy ALL year round when you're trying to skip the drive-through and keep your food choices healthy while you're on the move.

And stay tuned for our next post - "ADULTING" lunch box ideas. More on that to come...

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