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Nourishing Gift Ideas for the Health-Nut!

Nourishing Gift Ideas for the Health-Nut by Sara Bradford of Nourish

We're excited to have Sara Bradford - Registered Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Nourish Real Food - on hand to help us pick her favourite gift ideas for the Health Nut. We all want to be one, and we certainly know one. Here are some gift ideas that your beloved Health Nut will be thrilled to receive!

Gift Ideas for the Health-Nut by RHN Sara Bradford of Nourish
This is a HOT item these days, and Sara uses her Spiralizer to make “Zoodles” AKA Zuchinni Noodles. Take any hard veg such as zuchinni, sweet potato, carrot, celery root or beets, pop it onto your spiralizer and crank away. What you are left with is a long noodle like shape made of your vegetable of choice! Great for staying healthy and keeping away from Gluten. In the winter, raw vegetables are a little harder for the body to digest, so Sara suggests you simply steam gently and toss in her super-delicious Thai Almond Butter Sauce recipe.
Firstly, why juice? Sara says juicing is a great way to get the nutrients of many fruits and vegetables in one go – especially for people who don’t love eating their veggies. She recommends juicing primarily green vegetables such as cucumber, romaine, lettuce, celery, broccoli stems and fresh herbs, and to add fruit as an accent to gently sweeten your juice which helps keep the sugar content down. Juicing vegetables is also alkaline-forming and helps aid in digestion.

Sara likes the Breville Juice Fountain Compact because it is the best bang for your buck – especially if it’s your first juicer and price is an issue. Breville makes some of the most powerful home-juicers on the market, and this model is powerful and doesn’t take up too much counter space. Watch a helpful video Helpful Tip: Make sure to rinse your machine immediately after using to prevent the parts from clogging! If you follow this tip, cleanup is quick and painless, and your machine will thank you for it.

Love&Garnish Blog

Lots of great Green Juice recipes here on Love & Garnish and check out Sara’s recipe for Green Juice that will help keep those nasty colds at bay! In the winter, Sara suggests keeping juicing to a minimum, but instead to use the juices to create sauces and dressings. If you choose to juice, make sure to add some warming elements such as ginger and spices!
Also referred to as the “Fast Slow Cooker” pressure cookers of the past come with a stigma that we need to get past! Pressure cookers have a bad wrap and the modern versions are very safe with multiple safety features and locking devices. Using a pressure cooker is a cost effective way to quickly cook dry beans, rice, lentils and grains AND healthy meats and poultry. Pressure cooking retains nutrients while cooking and produces healthy, flavourful meals that you can easily portion and freeze to take to work or simply defrost at the end of the day when you just don’t feel like cooking but still want to eat something healthy and nourishing.

Not sure what WMF and BMW have in common? WMF produces parts for BMW, so I guess we could say that the WMF Perfect Plus is THE BMW of pressure cookers.

WMF is a wonderful company from Germany that specializes in producing high quality cookware and beautifully designed and functional stainless steel cutlery and kitchen gadgets. Read a review of this product here.
Link to cutlery on our site:
Hip Pressure Cooking is a wonderful online resource for finding great recipes to make in your pressure cooker. Did you know you can make Meatloaf in a pressure cooker? I didn't either, until I found this recipe! I personally own this Silit Pressure Cooker and absolutely LOVE IT! (I have used it to make bone broth in 1 hour as opposed to 12 hours!)

Silit 6.5L Pressure Cooker - Amazing!

If cooking dry beans, Sara wants to make sure that you are soaking your beans overnight to remove any phytic acid that may irritate your gut lining and produce unwanted gassiness. If you like Risotto but don’t have the time to make it, you’ll want to try this FAST and easy method to making risotto in a pressure cooker!
While we’re on the topic of Healthy Eating, Sara stresses the importance of Meal Planning when she’s helping her clients plan healthy meals. If you want to SAVE MONEY and EAT HEALTHY, get some great ideas here.
Flavor-It Travel Tumblers - Perfect for Spa Water on the go!
“People just don’t seem to like drinking water” says Sara. “It’s boring!” Staying hydrated is essential for boosting energy levels, keeping you alert and helping the body flush out toxins. Fruit juices are super-high in sugar and pop or soda is a serious no-no. Sara’s answer to quenching your thirst with something HEALTHY is creating Spa Water which is infusing water with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. The Infusion Pitcher allows you to make a big batch at a time, and it’s inner chamber holds slices of lemons, cucumbers and fresh mint and prevents it from being poured out when you pour yourself a glass. 
Spa Water Ideas 

Trying to kick your Soda Addiction? We’ve mentioned SodaStream in an earlier Foodie Must-Haves blog post and Sara agrees… The SodaStream is a great way to finally put an end to drinking high-calorie, sugar-laden pops. Sara loves adding Dillon’s Bitters to her carbonated water. As your body ages, it produces less hydrochloric acid and it becomes harder for your body to digest proteins and absorb minerals. Bitters aid in digestion and help the body produce natural stomach acids, so add a few drops of Dillon’s Bitters to your sparkling water BEFORE you eat!
Shop Dillon’s Bitters on our website here.

Dillon's Bitters, Made in Beamsville, Ontario

This 100% steel pan that is Made in France contains NO harmful pfoa’s and over time, naturally creates a beautiful non-stick patina. Sara makes savoury crepes – again with no gluten – using either arrowroot or almond flour and whole eggs to produce healthy breakfast burritos. She also makes delicious flatbread using chickpea flour to use as a bread substitute for making sandwiches when she’s running her Winter Community Dump. And of course, don’t forget about sweet crepes filled with fresh fruit and coconut cream whipped cream!
This is quite possibly the BEST alternative to plastic wrap out there! We’ve tried other brands, but Bee’s Wrap is the best by far and can be used to wrap fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, breads, cheeses and more. Read ALL about the NEW Bee's Wrap collection HERE!

Bee's Wrap

Bee's Wrap is made with organic cotton muslin, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. The antibacterial properties of the beeswax and jojoba oil help to keep food fresh and allow you to use the Bee's Wrap again and again.

Sara eats a minimal amount of gluten, so when she does, she buys 100% Rye Sourdough Bread from Downie St. Bakehouse. This high quality rye bread is made using traditional methods and contains no wheat, so Sara recommends her clients eat this type of bread. She wraps hers in Bee’s Wrap to prolong its’ freshness!
7. Le Creuset 5.2 L French Oven $385
Sara uses Le Creuset almost exclusively when she’s whipping up her healthiest stews, currys, soups and sauces. She loves that the enameled cast iron does not emit any strange chemicals into the healthy food that she tends to cook, and that it will stand the test of time and will become heirloom gifts that she will pass on to her children.

One of the healthiest recipes that Sara uses her Le Creuset French Oven for is making nutrient dense bone broth. Don’t know what bone broth is? Read about it here.  Making bone broth is the secret to unlocking nutrients from chicken, beef, or lamb bones. Bone broth produce a dense liquid full of body-healing nutrients that help heal the gut and help protect your immune system. Her trick is to add some natural apple cider vinegar because the acid in the vinegar helps draw all the minerals out of the bones.

In Stratford, Sara gets bones from McIntosh Farms or Bearss Farms.
Interesting Fact: Flours go rancid unless either used immediately or stored in the freezer. Let’s be honest. Who has the space to store all their flours in the freezer? Freshly ground flour, according to Sara, is not only fresher tasting, but also higher in nutrients as they are not compromised with age. Sara buys her grains at The Gentle Rain or Arva Flour Mill and she grinds on demand! For the Cadillac of grain crushers, check this version out!

So if you must make yourself some bread once in a while, check out this fabulous recipe adapted from Jim Lahey of the Sullivan Street Bakery from the New York Times for making No-Knead bread in a Le Creuset French Oven, and grind your own flour to ensure optimum freshness and taste!
And why not spread on some local raw, unfiltered wildflower honey from Bare Naked Honey made right here in Stratford, Ontario? We love the beautiful packaging design by Janet Straker of Cambridge, Ontario and you can get it either at the Soiled Reputation booth at the Perth County Slow Food Market on Sundays in Straford, or any day at Your Local Market Co-op.

Bare Naked Honey
Sara loves various loose leaf teas, but those little tea strainers can be finicky. This sleek Japanese design from Kinto is easy to use and makes a great stocking stuffer for any tea drinker.

Kinto Loop Tea Strainer

In Stratford, Sara prefers fennel and peppermint tea to aid digestion, white teas that contain less caffeine, and Hibiscus Heart tea which is a combination of hibiscus and rosehip which is high in Vitamin C. She gets them all from Tea Sommelier Karen Hartwick of Stratford Tea Leaves in Stratford, Ontario.
Karen also blends teas specifically for Sara’s Winter Community Dump which starts in mid-January 2015. Make sure to sign up for upcoming Winter Dump so you are up to date on upcoming "un-cleanses.".
The benefit of having a good lunch box is that it forces you to pack yourself (or your children) healthier litter-less lunches. If you are sending fresh food that you pack yourself, you are more likely to pack healthful choices. Trudeau’s Bento Lunch Box is easy to open (for small hands), has lots of compartments for packing lots of variety, is dishwasher safe, stylish and has a 5 year warranty. AND, it’s designed and made by Trudeau - a Canadian company!

Trudeau Bento Lunch Box

Read our past blog post on packing healthier lunches here!
Thank you for taking the time to read all about Sara's favourite gift ideas for the Health-Nut, and we look forward to helping you choose something special for that hard-to-buy-for Healthy person on your holiday list!