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The WINNER of our Father's Day Contest!

The WINNER of our Father's Day Contest is...

We had some great entries in our Father's Day Contest to win Dad a new chef's knife! And the winner is...

Congratulations Ron Shaw! You have won the fancy new Zwilling Pro Smart Chef's Knife, valued at $225 thanks to your loving daughter Hannah's touching entry!

Hannah won this Zwilling Pro Smart Chef's Knife for her dad! Valued at $225!
Our runners up will receive this lovely gift bag filled with goodies from Zwilling J.A. Henckels and Epicurean. Thank you to EVERYONE who entered our contest!

Runners up receive this beautiful gift bag valued at over $75!

One runner up, Michele thoughtfully entered her husband Doug in the contest, who is definitely in need of an upgrade! Although these knives have served them well over the years, we understand why Michele entered our contest. These knives are made from stamped steel (opposed to forged steel) which means they are light weight, will not hold a sharp edge for long and will usually cut on angle instead of slicing straight down through your food. The thin, stamped steel blades make frustrating work out of slicing and dicing. A good quality 7"- 8" chef's knife is essential in any cook's knife collection!

Stamped steel knives do not hold a sharp edge for long and can not be resharpened properly.

Shaelyn and Katie entered their Dad who is still using the knives that they received as a wedding gift 19 years ago! Good quality knives SHOULD last a lifetime, but again, these are stamped steel blades with acrylic handles. Often, these blades end up separating from the handles and because the blade and the handles are not evenly weighted, chopping and slicing does not happen with ease and efficiency. If you are used to using stamped steel knives like this you will be amazed at the difference forged steel blades make. The weight helps balance the knife for a smoother, more controlled chopping action and the heavy duty steel blade can be sharpened and realigned again and again so you always have a clean, even, sharp blade. Remember, a sharp knife is always safer than a dull one!

Acrylic handles are lightweight and often separate from the blade over time.

This entry from Henry and Reese came from their Mom Hayley...
"Henry and Reese were so excited to enter in this contest for Scott! Yesterday was his birthday so they have been busy bees making him gifts and trying to help him celebrate his 43rd birthday as a new family. We bought him tickets to Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and the kids insisted their creations be apart of the contest picture!!

The children adore their father and have one of the best ones in town so it has never been a competition for them.... But Scott adds a new dynamic to our blended family. I asked the children what they love about him and why he would deserve a special gift like mommy did and this was their response:

- Reesie said that he loves us no matter what
- He plays board games with us like Chess and Sleeping Queens.
- He plays catch with me (Henry)
- He makes dinners for us
- Reesie said "he made us special bedrooms from scratch". LOL

They love how his carpenter skills come in handy so often when making things like a new game called box hockey for the back yard or fixing a broken toy. The kids and I have truly lucked out as he's a very talented guy but I know his true passion is often the minute he gets home and into the kitchen. He built us the most beautiful kitchen to grow old in, but our knife set is that of a college student. He is not a complainer and would never ask for anything new but these knives have seen better days! The kids and I would love to win these just in time for Father's Day!
Fingers crossed,
Henry, Reesie and mommy Hayley"

Cuties Henry & Reese won a runner up gift bag to give Scott on Father's Day!

We also have an amazing, EXCLUSIVE deal on this awesome knife right now. So, if you're thinking of getting Dad or yourself an upgrade in the knife department, now is the time! Take advantage of this great offer on the new Zwilling Pro Smart Chef's Knife. Hurry, offer only while supplies last!

This knife features an innovative, protruding rib on the blade to help push food away from the edge of the blade to prevent sticking for easier, faster slicing. It is perfect for slicing meat, vegetables and even cheese. A great addition to your knife block!

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