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Bradshaws Holiday High Tea at Revival House

It's officially Christmas Time! We kicked off the festive season in our favourite way with our annual Bradshaws Holiday High Tea event at Revival House

Holiday High Tea at Revival House

Bradshaws LOVED curating this special event to be full of beautiful moments that puts us all in the Christmas spirit. This past Sunday we welcomed 100 guests for traditional high tea service at the exquisitely festive Revival House.

Enjoying the beauty of High Tea with our daughters

Bradshaws Presents - Holiday High Tea at Revival House

Thank you to David Charlesworth Photography for capturing the special moments at this event.
To view the stunning pictures taken by David and to download YOUR pictures, please click here!

Stratford Symphony Orchestra

Beautiful Christmas music by the Stratford Symphony Orchestra filled the air as guests enjoyed tea service.

Festive Florals by Stratford Blooms

The stunning table florals were created by Amanda from Stratford Blooms who had a pop-up shop at the event where guests purchased festive arrangements and made special orders for the Christmas season.

High Tea bites by Chef Loreena Miller of Revival House

Revival House prepared lovely tea trays full of delicious bites and treats to accompany the beautifully paired Sloane Fine Teas. If you fell in love with Chef Loreena Miller's Coronation Chicken Tea Sandwiches, you can find the recipe here.

Gorgeous fascinators at our Holiday High Tea Event

Our guests were excited to dress the High Tea part! So many beautiful fascinator hats, festive dress and gorgeous smiles were in the crowd.

Jessica - winner of our Holiday High Tea Best-Dressed contest

It was very hard to choose, but each year we select a 'Best Dressed' out of the crowd and this year's winner was not only beautifully dressed for the event, but also had a beautiful story of her love affair with tea. Jessica (mother of FIVE) attended the event with her twin sister, Amber, her Grandmother Doris (91 years young), and other members of their family. Grandma Doris had always made tea time a special time and gifted Jessica her first tea cup from Bradshaws 12 years ago. Seeing Jessica and her Grandmother along with their family enjoying our Holiday High Tea event so much truly made our cup runneth over.

Family who has High Tea together, sticks together!

If you are looking for a festive, delicious tea to enjoy or gift this holiday season we highly recommend the Celebration Medley tea by Sloane Tea Merchants which is available at Bradshaws. Bradshaws stocks an incredible selection of both loose tea in caddies as well as stunning boxes of tea sachets from Sloane Tea.

Celebration Medley is a red rooibos tea, so it can steep endlessly just like mulling spice, and with rose petals, orange, apple, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, it’s the perfect compliment to the traditional cider we all know and love. Adding subtle hints of warm, festive flavour, this combination is sure to become a favourite around the Christmas tree this year, and for years to come!

Thank you to all who attended and helped make this years' Holiday High Tea at Revival House the very best yet! Be on the look-out for our Spring Grande High Tea Event in the new year, right around Mother's Day!