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Appetite for Words | Author Spotlight Kevin Sylvester

Bradshaws is a proud supporter of the Appetite for Words - A Literary Festival with a Culinary Twist being held in Stratford , Ontario October 27-29th, 2017. Appetite for Words revolves around storytelling and is created for the enthusiastic and curious — anyone interested in reading, discussing and consuming food (that’s you, right?)                

The festival features authors who have written about food, as well as fiction writers who allow food to become a strong component of scenes and/or the characters in their novels. Authors will work with select Chefs from The Stratford Chef School to create a culinary experience that is inspired from their book.

In the weeks leading up to the events, we'll be featuring some of the authors and their books and get to know what inspires them in the kitchen.

Flambé and the Duel in the Desert – by award winning Author and Illustrator Kevin Sylvester

Author Kevin Sylvester - Neil Flambé Capers

Award-Winning Author, illustrator, and CBC broadcaster Kevin Sylvester, has written the Neil Flambé capers series (Silver Birch Award Winner) and the MINRs series (Tome Society Award nomination). 

Inspired by Julia Child, James Bond, Gordon Ramsay and Sherlock Holmes, Kevin created the cocky, obnoxious but incredibly talent Neil Flambé who excels at two things -  cooking and solving crime. After losing his restaurant the always adventurous and outrageous Neil Flambé, along with his friend Larry strike out in their new food truck destined for the legendary food truck gathering in Salsa Verde ranch in Arizona. Of course, all does not go smoothly and they are soon on a dangerous quest to find a treasure that will save Salsa Verde ranch from ruin.
Kevin loves to cook and spend time experimenting in the kitchen. We asked him what his favorite kitchen items were here is what he shared with us...

Chef's Knife
This is the key (along with a wooden cutting board) to everything in the kitchen. I keep mine sharp and love using it to cut everything from onions to cuts of meat.

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Sauce pan
A good heavy bottom allows me to use it for everything from roasting a chicken to making a consistently creamy risotto.

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Best for taters and apples. I love the white plastic handled ones.

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Wooden spoons
I always have about 10 handy.

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Clam tongs
Best for cooking inside and outside on my lovely, smoky Weber grill.

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