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Appetite for Words | Author Spotlight Jonah Campbell

This week we are featuring Appetite for Words festival participant Montreal based author Jonah Campbell who divides his time between eating and drinking, research with the McGill University Social Studies of Medicine unit, and pouring wine (professionally and recreationally). His writing has appeared in the National Post, Harper’s, VICE, enRoute and Cult MTL. Eaten Back To Life is his second book of essays, following Food and Trembling (Invisible, 2011). Both volumes explore food and drink in terms of the conceptual problems they offer: as opportunities for reflection on desire, appetite and disgust, the science and art of the kitchen, the social history of gastronomic subjectivity. They also contain many jokes! 

Jonah spends a lot of time in and around kitchens and when we asked him what his go to favourite kitchen items were, here is what he said.

Favourite kitchen items:

1. A small, fine mesh strainer
Just three or so inches in diameter, easily nestled in the mouth of a cup or a jar, I use it for everything – teas, aromatizing oils, straining solids out of rendered fat. It is the kind of thing you might not think to buy for yourself, but once you have it are shocked how handy it proves to be.

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2. Paring knives
A classic Chinese supermarket cash line impulse buy, they’re dirt cheap, easy to sharpen, and take a razor sharp (if very temporary) edge.

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3. Seafood Shears
I don’t know whose genius idea it was to design a pair of scissors that allow you to cut toward yourself, but these little buggers have forever changes how (and how much) I eat snow crab, lobster, etcetera.

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4. A corkscrew, two ways (one emotional, the other practical).
I have a small JA Henckels folding corkscrew I bought years ago at flea market in Frankfurt. It consists of only two pieces of metal and a pin, and combines elegance and sturdiness of design so masterfully that you feel like you are holding something from another era entirely, like a corkscrew designed by dwarven blacksmiths. The other is a Classic 500 series Pulltap, which is the only corkscrew you will ever truly need. Anything less and you’re doomed to struggle, anything more and you’re just showing off. Mine is pastel pink.

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Jonah will be hosting a unique open-air literary discussion and lunch at Church Hill Farm, where he will discuss cultural perspectives and his thoughts on the way we see food. Arrive at 11 to explore the farm and receive informal farm tours. The buffet lunch starts at noon with a discussion, reading and QA with Jonah Campbell.

The menu will be ploughman's style buffet comprised of:

A Selection of Farm-Raised Sausages, Pork, Beef and Lamb

Church Hill Farm Seasonal Produce and Preserves

Farm-Raised Devilled Eggs

Farmstead Cheese from Neighbouring Mountainoak Cheese Ltd.

Cold fresh-pressed Organic Juice from Stratford's Farm Juice Co. Or a Glass of Beer from Stratford's Black Swan Brewery

Baguette from Downie Street Bakehouse

Saturday Oct 28, 2017

Doors Open 10:30am, Discussion Starts 11:00am

Church Hill Farm 4371 Huron Road, New Hamburg, ON

Click here for Tickets

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