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Do Spring with PANDORA!

Do Spring with PANDORA! The new collection is blooming with pretty florals and bold colours! Let our PANDORA Specialist Sarah show you her favourite pieces...

Written by Sarah Rigler, PANDORA Specialist at Bradshaws

PANDORA's Spring Collection is a wonderful assortment, bursting with happy colours, blooming magnolias, dazzling daisies, dozens of new jewellery designs and innovations, a totally charming Disney collection and brilliantly coloured enamelled “Radiant Hearts” bangles, eight in all!

I'll start with the Magnolia Blooms...

Magnolias are associated with grace, beauty and dignity. The petals of these enameled jewels are hand-painted. Who wouldn't want to keep a Magnolia blossom in bloom for more than a few days? There are eight pieces in this group, which includes delicate earrings, a lovely ring, a pendant and six beautiful charms.

The predominant colours for this Spring Collection are pink and lavender. Both are irresistible for a spring-themed bracelet or accessories for this wonderful time of year.

The Radiant Droplets are all glorious and feature three “fields” of rose-cut stones set in a strikingly simple, clean sterling silver frame.

And then, there's Disney….

This Beauty and the Beast collection is a must for Disney collectors and those who are loving the new live action film just released! We have limited gift sets in store now, $210. With Mrs. Potts charm, (it's a brilliant reproduction), Belle’s yellow gown, and a Red Rose. And, while supplies last, a Limited Edition Lithograph and Movie Soundtrack are free with the purchase of this whimsical set! Other Disney additions are Tinkerbell, Tigger, Piglet, Donald and Daisy Duck and the Snow White 80th Anniversary Charm.

Glittering new Essence!

There are so many new pieces of stunning jewellery that it is dizzying: new Petite Charms for the Floating Lockets, new Pandora Rose, 14K gold rings, two-toned 14K gold and sterling silver pieces, Radiant Blooms, brilliant bangles and bracelets and the 2017 Club Charm.

We're bursting with enthusiasm for this breathtakingly beautiful and bounteous collection. Please “be our guest” and we will share the delights!